Freeheat was formed in the last months of the 20th century, consisting of four members - Jim Reid (vocals and guitar) was a founder member of The Jesus & Mary Chain and remained in that group until their chaotic demise in 1998 after which the Mary Chain's Reid brothers went their separate ways. Guitarist Ben Lurie was also in The Jesus & Mary Chain for the best part of a decade. Nick Sanderson on drums has until recently fronted his own band, the London-based Earl Brutus. Bass player Romi Mori used to be a member of The Gun Club.

Although all four have known each other for some years they have only recently got together musically, based on a common dissatisfaction with music on the radio and a love of music in general. When asked to describe the music of Freeheat Jim simply replies 'I wouldn't, just come along and hear it for yourself.' Ben, asked the same question replied 'We wanted to strip the music down to the essentials. Maybe even reject the technology in music. To be able to show up, set up, and play anywhere.'